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 USHuntGear.com Founders:

The idea of USHuntGear.com did not come from some plush corporate board room, ran by a bunch of over paid people wearing suits and ties.

The concept of USHuntGear.com came about by a father and son early morning excursion, on a washboard dirt road 60 miles off the pavement, scouting for predators in Arizona's canyon country. In due course a conversation ensued regarding the glaring need in the hunting world for the many technological advances taking place in information and electronics to be introduced into the hunting and fishing community, especially those advancements which could benefit those who were serious about their outdoor pursuits.

What developed from that father and son conversation, and many following conversations, was a multi-generational rethinking of how hunting information and outdoor products are looked at, not as mere goods to be sold and profited from, but as invaluable tools that give the hunter what is necessary to get the job done.

In the words of the eldest founder and Business Manager of USHuntGear.com...

“We are absolutely determined to be 'the place' a serious hunter goes to when he or she is looking for superior quality resources to make their dream hunt a success".  Whether it be our top rated line of hunter evaluated products at great prices in the marketplace, USHuntGear.com as a family run organization is committed to putting the hard working hunter first...and that means providing the unquestionable best quality gear available—and then getting them into the hands of the hunter for much less than they would find at a mega retailer or an over-priced catalog company.”

USHuntGear.com Mission Statement:

USHuntGear.com is a independent content-niche driven online marketing company that's devoted to promoting "Field Tested Hunter Rated Brand Name Hunting Gear At Great Prices" to the hunting community through trusted established internet retailers. Our mission is threefold. First, we "Rate and Field Score" brand name hunting gear using our unbiased USHuntGear-Score System.  Second, we provide a "Hunters Quick Review" of every product which allows a hunter to compare competing products. Third, we scout-out trusted internet retailers for a "Great Deal" on the gear which includes offer price, availability, shipping charges, and delivery schedule.  Finally, we direct link the product to the retailer with a "Great Deal" on that product.  In short, saving the hunter lots of time and money.  We make it convenient for them to browse our full line of rated hunting gear, compare products, make an informed buying decision, and go directly to the online retailer offering them a "Great Deal".

 USHuntGear.com as an Affiliate Participant:

USHuntGear.com operates as an independent marketing company.  However, we are participants in affiliate advertising programs with "Retailers" designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by direct linking our website to their website.  When a hunter, using our website, clicks on "Track You Down A Great Deal At:" they will be connected to a "retailer" that sells this product at a "Great Deal", based on our search effort.  This "retailer" may or may not be in an affiliate relationship with USHuntGear.com.  However, if the "Track You Down A Great Deal At" offer is the same between retailers (no economic benefit difference), we will always direct link to an affiliate retailer over a non affiliate retailer.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


USHuntGear.com Excluded from all Affiliate Retailer Transactions:

USHuntGear.com functioning as an independent marketing company is excluded from all "Affiliate Retailer" sales negotiations and transactions conducted between the "Buyer" and the "Affiliate Retailer".  All payments, credits, warranties, guarantees, return material authorization policies, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc., are to be handled exclusively by and between the "Buyer" and the Affiliate Retailer" without any involvement from USHuntGear.com.




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