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The Best Rated Game Calls, Decoys, Feeders, And Lures Of 2022

For Hunting Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail, Elk, Turkey, And Predators


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 Even The Playing Field   Game animals have a distinct advantage in their natural environment. Humans just do not have the superior eyesight, sense of smell, hearing ability, and sixth sense that most game animals posses. Couple these biological bonuses with a mature game animal's double-duty paranoia and you have a match up tilted heavily towards the four-footed side of things.

But knowing how to use an animal's superior senses and turn them to the hunter's favor can be a real game changer. Expert calling techniques, scent gland strategy, decoy implementation, and breeding cycle tactics are all tools that a hunter can employ to tap into the creature's own natural biological makeup and bring these game animals into shooting range.

Our featured game calls, decoys, feeders, and lures at USHuntGear are the ones we know work from our own experience and the experience of other real hunters. There is no sense in spending time buying what looks good in the advertisement only to get so-so results in the field. We take all the information and put it together for you so you have exactly the right strategy enhancers to even the playing field for your next hunt.




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