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The Very Best Rated Hunting Gear For Trophy Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail, Elk, Pronghorn, Mountain Sheep, Predators, And Other Species

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apex-hunter-extreme-determination-razor-honed-skill.jpgOnly The Right Gear For The Right Hunt


The very best hunters require the very best hunting gear. Anything other than the very best is just simply not going to work.

You see, when you are an Apex Hunter nothing can be left to chance. You have earned your place at the top of the food chain by taking your hunting to the ultimate limits, and you need superior hunting equipment that can handle an extreme level of expectation.


USHuntGear understands the needs of the Apex Hunter. We have taken the time and designed a hunter profile of specialty products that meet the criteria of the top 1% hunters. Our Apex Hunter gear profiles are game animal specific. This means the hunting gear in our profiles match the character, quality, and endurance of each particular game species.

Browse through our very best rated hunting product line-up. Study how we score each item. We know that as an Apex Hunter you need unbiased, hard information, not fluff magazine articles that promote products for their advertisers. Spend some time in each profile and we are certain you will appreciate this quality of hunting gear information as much as you appreciate the superior performance these top-of-the-line hunting products will give you in the field.


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 Apex Mule Deer Will Be Available In October - We Are Adding Gear Evaluations And Reviews 


 While You Are Here, Fill Out One Of Our Apex Hunter Pro Team Profiles

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Black Bear . Pronghorn . Moose . Sheep . Predator . Mountain Lion . Caribou . Mountain Goat . Brown Bear/Grizzly . Wolf . Javelina . Exotic 



apex-hunter-profile-image.jpgUSHuntGear Would Like To Hear From You

The Real Apex Hunters

We Want You To Put Together Your Own

Expert Apex Hunter Profile

You Can Become A Valued Contributing Expert On Our Apex Hunter Pro Team


In order to give the hunting community the absolute best information possible, we need your expert input. One way of doing this is by having the real top 1% hunters share their invaluable hunting insights. If you would like to become part of the USHuntGear Pro Team please fill out the hunter profile or profiles you feel you have some real expertise in. Hit the "Send Hunter Profile" button when you are done and we will look over your profile. If the information is solid we will add your personalized profile to our "Apex Hunter Team" list of expert hunting profiles. The very best of the Hunter Profiles will be featured on our "Apex Hunter Expert Page". Additionally, we will also use these game animal specific hunt gear profiles as we evaluate hunting equipment in the future. This means by sending in your profile you will be a legitimate member of the USHuntGear Apex Hunter Pro Team of experts and you will personally be assisting other fellow hunters to get exactly the right gear for the game animal they pursue.



 A Sample Apex Hunter Pro Team Game Animal Profile

  Whitetail Deer

(Odocoilleus Virginianus)

Please Keep All Submissions Professional and Courteous


Sample Of Completed Whitetail Deer Application Form

Your Name (or an avatar): Sam Smith

Age: 48

Occupation: Steelworker

Regions or States You Hunt: Michigan, Ohio, Upper Midwest

Years Hunting Whitetail Species:22

The Most Difficult Aspect Of Where You Hunt?: Lots of Foul Weather, Snow, Wet

Biggest Whitetail Taken: 193 point Boone and Crockett, 6x6

Where?: Upper Peninsula Michigan, Deep Woods

Weapon Preferences: Rifle, Bow, Muzzleloader 

If a Centerfire Rifle Hunter, Your Favorite Make and Model: Remington 700

Choice of Caliber: 270 Win, 130grain

Choice of Rifle Scope, If Applicable: Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10

If a Bowhunter, Your Favorite Make and Model of Bow: Bear Archery Cruzer

Choice of Arrow: Easton XX75 Gamegetters

Choice of Broadhead: Rage Hypodermic

Choice of Bow Hunting Sight: HHA Optimizer Lite

If A Muzzleloading Hunter, Your Favorite Make and Model: Thompson Center Triumph, 50 Caliber

Choice of Muzzleloader Scope if Applicable: Bushnell Trophy 3X9

Choice of Powder: Blackhorn 209

Choice of Bullet: Hornady Monoflex Sabots


Please Tell Us About The Hunting Gear You Have Found

That Works The Best For You Hunting Whitetails


Choice of 2 Preferred Game/Trail Cameras: Exodus Lift and Wild Game Innovations Silent Crush 20

Game Calls/Rattles: Knight and Hale Pack Rack Deer Call

Game Decoys: Montana Decoy Dream Doe

Lures or Scents: Black Widow Hot n Ready

Treestand: Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo 2

Binoculars: Vortex Diamondback 10x42

Spotting Scope: Vortex Razor HD 20X60X85

Rangefinder: Nikon Prostaff 3i

Daypack: Tenzing TC1500

Headlamp or Flashlight: Browning Nitro Headlamp

Utility Knife or Multi-tool: Leatherman Rebar

Skinning Knife: Buck Ranger 113

Hunting Jacket: Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard Reflextec

Hunting Pants: ScentBlocker Storm Scent WindTec

Thermal Underwear: Rothco ECWC

Hunting Boots: Irish Setter Deer Tracker

Favorite Instructional Source (Title Of Book, Magazine, Video, Forums): BuckMasters Magazine, You Tube Videos, Michigan Sportsmen Forum

Your Email (Only For USHuntGear To Contact You): [email protected]

Your Expert Whitetail Gear Comments (300 words or less, no exceptions):

I am a hardcore Whitetail hunter. I usually take 2-3 pretty nice bucks a year between all my hunting in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. I do not shoot anything less than a buck with 8 points.

Hunting Whitetail Deer where I hunt has a lot to do with the weather. The gear I use must be able to handle cold, wet conditions. This is especially true when I am hunting later rifle seasons. Too many of my past rifle scopes have fogged on the hunt. This is why I prefer the Leupold VariX3, I have no problems with it. I also really like my Legendary Whitetails Huntguard Reflextec Jacket. Talk about warm and dry. The boots that I have found to really work up here in the mud and snow are my Irish Setter  Deer Tracker, wouldn't hit the woods without them. Another great find has been my Buck Ranger 113 knife. Skins like a dream, heavy duty, sharpens up quick. And I would not give up my Rothco ECWC thermals, they are exceptionally warm when I am in a treestand all day.

Sam Smith


Thank You for your valued expert hunting gear input!

It will help us here at USHuntGear as well as many of your fellow hunters.

End Of Sample Profile


 That's All There Is To It

Once you have contributed an Apex Hunter Profile, you will be officially recognized as an official part of the "Apex Hunter Pro Team".  Your name or avatar will be listed on our website as such. 

Apex Whitetail Deer Hunter Pro Team Profile Application Form

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Apex Elk Hunter Pro Team Profile Application Form

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Apex Mule Deer Hunter Pro Team Profile Application Form

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Go To The Best 2017 Hunter Rated Mule Deer Gear

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 Coming Winter 2017

USHuntGear Introduces

The Apex Hunter's Master Challenge

The Ultimate Online Weekly Hunting Challenge That will Take Your Online Hunting Experience To

The Absolute Next Level

A New And Exciting Online Hunt Scenario Every Week

You Compete Against Other Expert Hunters

All Hunt Scenarios Are Fair Chase On Public Land

A New Winner Each Week With 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Placing

A Special Youth Category For 13-19 Year Olds

A Chance To Test Your Hunting Skill And Knowledge All Year Round

Each Contestant's Hunt Strategy Analysis Will Be Published And Archived To Help Other Hunters


And When Each Week's Hunt Scenario Is Finally Completed...

You The Hunter Will Have An Absolute Treasure Load Of Open Source, Expert Hunting Information From The Best Hunters In North America For You To Enjoy And Learn From - And It Will All Be Available On Our Website For You Any Time You Need It.


Some Of Our Initial Online Hunt Scenarios Will Include:

Hunting For The Coveted 30 Inch Mule Deer Buck On The Arizona Strip

Pursuing Trophy Whitetail In The Deep Woods Of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

A Monster Rack Elk Hunt In Colorado's Famed Unit xxx

Moose Hunting In The Quebec Frontier

Once In A Lifetime Full Curl Bighorn Hunt In The Montana Breaks

Texas Game Refuge Brush Country Whitetail Challenge

Big Black Bear Hunt In The Forgotten Pend Oreille Selkirk Range

Border Bowhunting The Elusive Coues Whitetail

Wyoming BLM 18 Plus Pronghorn

Unlimited Tag Sonoran Elk Hunt Alamo Lake

Whitetail Midwest Madness In The Ohio Hill Country


We Look Forward To You Signing Up!



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