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 Get Further In  Having the best footwear possible is a non-negotiable. And let's face it, hunting more often than not means going to where the action is, no matter if it is at 9000 feet in the scree chasing rutting bull elk, sneaking down a moss covered trail in the Eastern lowlands chasing big rack Whitetails, or sloshing through knee deep mud in the Central Flyway retrieving a formerly southbound drake Mallard, you are going to where it's "game on". So, when it comes to your feet there can absolutely be no compromise because nothing can ruin your time in the field faster then having boots that just don't make the grade, boots that can't keep up with you.

USHuntGear makes your personal trail travel a high priority. We rate and review only boots, socks, and footwear accessories that will give you the comfort and stability you will need to get you to where it's going down. We feature gear from all different price ranges, so if you are a hunter on a budget, we will point you to the footwear that will give you the most traction for your money. If you are more the professional hunter type, a hunter who puts in more hours in the woods in a week than you do punching your time clock at work, we will get you the right options to make sure you get the very best  - so you can perform your very best every time you hit the trail.






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