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 Tools That Give You An Edge  The right tool for a hunter can make all the difference. Try skinning a rut-heavy buck with a cheap knife from the dollar store and you will see exactly what we mean.

The knives and multi-tools that USHuntGear showcases are the knives and multi-tools that will work for you when you have a job to do. Attention on our side has been placed on the blades and tools that serve the hunter's real needs, not just the latest Rambo-looking, tactical gadget that sells. The knives and tools we rate and review have to be real-world utilitarian, from skinning out an elk cape to cutting notches in a hang pole. This means we put an emphasis on putting in front of you knives that perform with specific task quality - ones that can skin all day without failing; ones that can heavy cut hour after hour; ones that can do fine work way into the night.

Surprisingly, some of the very best knives at particular tasks also have the best price to value ratios in their category, which means they don't cost an arm and a leg for what you get. This is where the information we provide can be invaluable to a hunter wanting to get the most from their knives and field tools.




















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