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 Getting To Know Your Opponent  Mapping out the behavior patterns of really mature bucks can be a very daunting challenge. These big boys didn't survive this long by being stupid, and chances are they have you way more figured out than you do them. Come season opener these guys are usually adios and long gone, lost into the deep recesses of their own personal security zone. And unless you have intimate knowledge of a big buck's inner hang out and secret travel routes - good luck.

At USHuntGear we believe the trail camera may be the best hunting innovation since smokeless powder, and any hunter who is serious about bagging something more than a forkhorn needs to invest in some real intelligence gathering capability. A Trail/Game Cam (or two or three) out there working for you 24/7 collecting all the data your going to need to finally put that elusive bad boy in the freezer is simply invaluable. And if you are going to hunt the pro deer, you are going to have the right equipment.

But which trail camera? There are hundreds to choose how do you narrow it down?

Well, we have done much of the homework for you. With our insightful reviews, ratings, and scoring system we can break out for you the good, the bad, and the ugly and get right down to the nitty-gritty on your next choice of trail camera.




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