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USHuntGear is determined to provide the hunting community with as much free, open source information as possible so you can get out there and get the job done! So what does this mean in the real world? For a serious hunter with a determination to bag a trophy this season it means lots and lots of quality scouting before the hunt, not only in the field, but online information scouting as well. When you get right down to it, scouting in its basic form is nothing more than gathering as much information on your target species as possible. This means doing the necessary scouting work in the field; but it also means taking the time to do your pre-hunt homework, literally matching your time in the field with time sifting through all the internet data you can get your hands on, and then putting it all together into a final, bombproof hunting strategy. This right here is how today's top 1% hunters are getting their results.

Fortunately for us the internet has given the hunter an easy-to-use place to obtain a ton of vital information—information that often times can make the difference in ultimate success. Unfortunately, the majority of the information out there goes untapped, primarily because it is just too hard to find. But like any well-seasoned hunter knows, persistent scouting eventually pays off, even on the internet.


To get you started, USHuntGear has done some of the preliminary internet scouting for you. We hope by openly sharing with you some of the tools and resources we have found helpful in planning our hunts, it will allow you the opportunity to put together the perfect hunt strategy, and put you onto that trophy of a lifetime.

USHuntGear will be updating its free hunt planning information tools and resources on a regular basis. Please check back with us often to see what is new!





Hunting Information Directory For All 50 Statesnssf-logo-2.png

National Shooting Sports Foundation NSSF 

(regulations, license costs, permit applications, places to hunt, public lands, etc.)

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has put together a dynamite hunt planning tool! This is a superb all-around hunting information source. Just click anywhere on NSSF's interactive US 50 state map and find out everything you need to know about hunting in that specific state. 

For instance, let's say you are planning a deer hunt in on Michigan, and you will have everything you need to know instantly.

This is truly an information treasure. Nice going NSSF!  

 A Comprehensivehunting-guide-directory-web.jpg Directory Of Guides and Outfitters

Tired of hit and miss attempts to find an outfitter for your next big hunt? Or maybe you are trying to find a guide/outfitter that specializes in back east trophy Whitetails, but can't find anybody in the back of the hunting mags except a few western outfitters. Well, most the time trying to find an outfitting service that caters to exactly what you are looking for can be like that big 5x5—you are pretty sure they are out there somewhere, but just can't seem to peg em down....

 Well your search is over.

 Here is a comprehensive directory of almost all the hunting guides and outfitters in the 50 states. The directory breaks it down state by state; specifies what types of game each guide service specializes in; and then you can direct link to each guide's website. There is about 2,000 guides listed in the directory.

 If you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime guided hunt and don't know where to go, this is most definitely your starting point!

They also link to “Rack Camp”. Excellent source of information, videos, articles, etc. 

Quality Deer Management Association

QDMA is an organization not just about hunting Whitetails, but an organization dedicated to the proper management of whitetails and the land they inhabit.

If you love to hunt Whitetails, this is the website for you. Get their free newsletter and learn all you can about making your private land, hunting club, hunt lease all it can be to the maximum benefit of the land, the animal, and the hunter. They will provide you information on how to maximize your landholding for bigger deer and a healthier herd.

We suggest you check out the Whitetail Deer Interactive Range Maps. Fascinating and informative. 


Whitetails Unlimited 

 A solid non-profit organization focusing on Whitetails...go to their homepage, click on "media", then click on "articles" to read a mix of reader submitted hunting articles. 


 Muley Madness

Tons of information about hunting mule deer. Go to their homepage, click on "forums" and spend an afternoon. You will learn an amazing amount about trophy mule deer hunting from real serious mule deer hunters from all over the west. The personal reports and regional insights on this forum are an outstanding source if you are into hunting big-time Mule Deer! 

Monster MuleysMule Deer, Elk and Western Big Game Hunting -

This is one of our favorites! We spend hours on here researching Mule Deer hunting info - excellent content. If you are planning a hunting trip out West for Mule Deer, you need to check out this site.

The Monster Muley website is devoted to the hunting of big rack Mule Deer bucks. Go to their homepage, click on "forums" and/or "articles" and you will have an inexhaustible source of what precisely is going on in Mule Deer country: the best units in each state to hunt; regional deer population status; inside tips from locals who hunt there; etc., etc.

HuntingNetHuntingNet.Com – Deer Hunting, Bowhunting, Hunting Outfitters, Hunting Gear, Elk Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Hunting Guides

HuntingNet is one of the most respected and viewed hunting website on the internet. We would consider HuntingNet an all encompassing hunting information tool that can point the hunter in all kinds of directions to find out what they need to know on just about every huntable species out there. Their forum is used by many different hunters all across North America to tap into what is going on in the broader hunting world, as well as informative discussions about local hunting at the regional level.


Long Range Huntinglong-range-logo.gif

This is another fabulous information source on a variety of hunting subjects, as well as one of the best formatted forums we know of, very easy to use and navigate. If you have never checked this site out, don't put it off. Some of the best hunting intel is found here because some of the best hunters out there frequent this site. The info is free for the taking, and will go a long ways in connecting the hunter to real-deal big game planning.

Whitetail WorldWhitetail World

If you are into big Whitetails, you will find some solid information at this site. It is a very nice looking hunting website that is Whitetail specific with lots of little hidden bits of info that can be helpful for the trophy hunter going after those deep tangle monster bucks.

Whitetail World recently moved their forum, so if you get connected to the old one, just look for the "New Whitetail World" header and click on it to take you to the new site. 

Archery Talkarchery-talk-logo.jpg

Archery Talk is one of the most visited hunting websites on the internet. There is a host of bowhunting categories covered here with lots of expert insight provided by archery professionals and seriously dedicated bowhunters. If you bow hunt, this address is a must for you to check out. There are lots of bowhunting questions answered here.

Here is another excellent bowhunting website that is truly staggering in its information potential. There is so much information to discover we doubt if you could actually cover it all in a lifetime. Thousands of serious bowhunters go here for the latest on bowhunting tactics, gear issues, tips, and local info for just about any and every region. If a hunter were to tap into both and Archery Talk you would literally have a Phd level bowhunting library at your disposal.


More To Come Soon

We will be adding more information sources in the days ahead, so please check back with us.

If you have a great information source that will help out other hunters, email the info and details to us so we can share it with others.  Email us at: [email protected]





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