Free Interactive Scouting Maps


Free Interactive Scouting Maps

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USHuntGear knows how invaluable a good map can be to planning a successful hunting strategy. The right mapping tool, especially the high definition, digital maps currently available online, can give you an eagle eye's perspective of hidden buck meadows, ridgelines where elk will potentially bed down, briar fence rows that connect feeding areas, etc. Thankfully, the internet provides us with numerous free digital map options that a hunter can utilize that are just simply amazing in their capabilities.

Please feel free to explore some of the following interactive mapping tools. If you enjoy them as much as we do, you will more than likely end up just as hooked on them as we are. You will quickly discover how amazingly useful these maps are in opening up a whole new way of scouting out your hunting territories.






Google EarthImage result for google earth picture 

If you have not already used Google earth in your scouting endeavors, you are missing out big time! We love Google Earth. We spend inordinate amounts of time on Google Earth. We are obsessed with Google Earth.

Google Earth provides it's users with interactive satellite imagery from all over the world. Once the easy to use Google Earth is downloaded onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you literally have a bird's eye view anywhere in the world. The user clicks on the map where they want to go and “presto”, you are now looking down on that spot from an airborne perspective. You can zoom down and examine the smallest treeline on your property; you can scan from above over creek-beds,  breaks, small meadow coves in dense forest; you can cover immense swatches of public land looking for the perfect place to spend a day in the back-country searching for sign; etc., etc.

In a nut shell, you can use Google Earth to find those little secret spots that potentially hold some monster trophies that would otherwise be hidden from normal view. And it is all FREE! Used properly, Google earth is literally one of the best scouting tools that we know of to plan out hunting strategies; and we use it on a regularly obsessed basis. 


Bing Mapsbing-maps-logo.png

Here is another great interactive scouting map that is every bit on par with Google Earth. You can view any place in the world from all the way up to a high atmospheric level, all the way down to the bush in your front yard. The scouting possibilities are limitless with this kind of a mapping tool - and it is all absolutely free.



 Free ArcGIS Explorerexplorer-for-arcgis-mac.png 

ArcGIS is a very handy mapping tool. It is somewhat complicated to use at first, but once you figure all that it can do you will find that it has tons of base maps: topographical, 3D, satellite, etc.; and you can add layers of features to those base maps as you go. Very cool. Too many things to list here. Some of the more advanced options have to be purchased, but for the basic program (which is all you really need) there is no charge.

Download the free viewer and start checking it out.



Here is a very useful hunt planning tool that takes state by state topographical or satellite imagery and overlays public land areas with precise colored boundary templates. You don't even have to download anything. Just go to the free website; enter the state you want to view; zoom in on your target area; once you are in position, you click “Land Status”, and up will come clear defined boundary templates showing what is private land and what is public land. This website even goes so far as to color code what type of public land it is: State; BLM; Forest Service; etc.

At the present time, only has the western states in it's data base.

We used this website just recently before a winter predator excursion to locate small pieces of public land surrounded by private land in a region that is very over-hunted on the larger stretches of adjacent public hunting grounds. Using the interactive map we found a small public right of way leading into a few small out of the way, isolated parcels of public land and managed to take 3 bobcats in one morning. Not a bad morning's work. We never in a million years would have found access to these hidden public parcels had it not been for these incredibly useful maps at

QDMA Whitetail Deer Density Mapsqdma-map.gif

We love this map! It is produced by an outstanding organization: Quality Deer Management Association. QDMA is one of the best resources we know of for the Whitetail hunter—hands down! It is an excellent information source all the way around. We cannot say enough good things about QDMA.



Ventusky is the latest internet weather map system incorporating state of the art imagery and interactive application. Wind, temperature, rain, snow are displayed together on one map image using computer animated layers and motion. This is a phenomenal tool for the hunter planning a trip or scouting event. The user will be able to literally see the weather as it is happening, and as it is forecasted to occur.

Before you head out on your next adventure, bookmark this website, and when it comes to the weather, guess no more. Thumbs up Ventusky!


DIY HUNTING MAPSOwner of DIY Hunting Maps 

Fantastic free website for anyone planning a big game hunt in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana (MT coming soon). They have an interactive Game Unit map that is just simply dynamite! Simply choose a big game species, click on a game unit, and find out everything you need to know about that specific hunt unit: Incredibly detailed hunting success stats; draw percentages; over the counter status; season dates; public land boundaries; etc. This is super helpful info, especially to out of state hunters.

When you go into the main web homepage click on "Hunting Info". This will take you directly to the interactive GMU map selector.



















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