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Free Hunt Planning Tools

USHuntGear is determined to provide the hunting community with the tools they need to get the job done.

For a serious hunter this means plenty of scouting before the hunt, and scouting in its basic form is nothing more than gathering as much information as possible. This means taking the time to do pre-hunt homework, doing the necessary work in the field, matching that time in the field with time sifting through all the data, and putting it all together into a final, bombproof hunting strategy.

Fortunately for us the internet has given the hunter a perfect place to obtain much of this vital information—information that can be the foundation of later success. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information out there that goes untapped, primarily because it is too hard to find. But like any seasoned hunter knows: persistent scouting eventually pays off, even on the internet.

To get you started, USHuntGear has done some of the preliminary internet information scouting for you. We hope by openly sharing with you some of the tools and resources we have found helpful in planning hunts, offering this information to you absolutely free, it will allow you the opportunity to put together the perfect hunt strategy, and put you onto that trophy of a lifetime.



USHuntGear will be updating its free hunt planning information tools and resources on an ongoing basis. Please check back with us often to see what is new!

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