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When We "Zero In" On The Right Gear

We "Zero In" On The Right Customer


 10+1 Reasons To Advertise With Us

1. Active Website Versus Passive Website: We Don't Wait Around For Hunters To Come To Us Through Random Searches On The Web. We Strategically Advertise Our Website To Over 2-3 Million Unique Hunters Every Single Month On Various Hunting Forums All Across The Internet. 

2. Target Your Exact Market: You Can Target Advertise Precisely Where Your Type Of Hunting Product Is Being Showcased And Viewed On Our Site - Where Hunters Are In The Process Of Considering A Purchase Of Exactly The Type Of Product You Are Selling. It's Like Having A Sales Presence At The Sales Counter When A Customer Is Deciding Which Brand To Buy. 

3. Perfect Place To Advertise An Accessory Product: Our Website Rating, Reviewing, And Scoring Product Pages Are The Perfect Place To Promote Accessory Products For A Primary Product. For Instance, Our "Trail Camera" Pages Are An Excellent Place To Not Only Advertise Trail Cams, But Also Advertise Products Associated With Trail Cams: Cam Lock Boxes, Trail Camera Stands, Game Cam Straps, Memory Cards, Memory Card Readers, Micro Solar Chargers, Deer Attractants, Food Plot Supplies, Mineral Blocks, etc., etc. We Consider This One Of The Best Ways To Advertise On Our Pages. 

4. Advertiser Highlighting: If You Place An Ad On A Products Review Page, We Will Make Sure To Highlight Your Product On That Page And Reference Your Ad Where Your Product Is Being Rated, Reviewed, And Scored. If Your Product Isn't Presently On A Page, We Will Make Sure One Of Your Products Gets There (As Long As The Product Scores Above 8.0 On Our Rating Scale). To Submit A Product To Us For Field Evaluation:  Click On: "Manufacturers Gear Testing" If You Are An Accessory Item (See #3 Above) That Is Being Advertised On A Primary Product's Page, We Will Highlight Where Your Accessory Is Located On Our Website.  

5. New Products Or New Company Instant Name Recognition: Advertising On Our Web Pages, Because We Are Showcasing The Very Best Products Currently Available, Is A Great Way For Smaller, Cutting-Edge Hunting Gear Producers To Get Their Name Out There Right Along With The Big Boys. Imagine Having Your New Hunting Product Being Rated And Advertised Right There With The Rest Of The Best Top Manufacturers. Talk About Instant Credibility And Brand Recognition. 

6. Consistent, Highly Conspicuous, Readable Ads: Unlike Many Other Advertising Platforms Where A Frenzy Of Content Usually Overwhelms The Advertising, We Do It Differently. Our Ad Spaces Are Very Conspicuous On Purpose. We Consider Advertising Part Of Our Information Content Since We Are Featuring Top Rated Hunting Products At A Point Where A Potential Purchaser Is Making A Real Buying Decision. Because Of This We Have Designed Our Pages So A Visitor Will Have A Difficult Time Going Through Our Showcased Content And Miss Your Ad - It's Literally Part Of The Informational Content. And We Only Feature Large Ad Sizes. No Long, Skinny Micro CPM Rotating Ads, Only Large, Easy To Read, Highly Visible 300X250 Advertising Space. This Larger Block Size Also Allows You To Advertise Your Product Or Brand With Much More Space For Details. 

7. Flat-Rate Transparent Ad Pricing: We Use Easy Flat Rate Pricing - No CPMs - We're Old School. You Only Pay A Small Monthly Fee And You Control That Advertising Spot For The Whole Month; And That Ad Spot Is Yours From Now On, As Long As You Continue To Advertise With Us. 

8. Ad Prices That Are Unbeatable: For How We Do It And What You Get, No Other Website Out There Can Match Our Prices (scroll down to see ad spot prices). 

9. Month To Month Payments: We Require No Long Term Commitment From You. You Can Pay Us Month To Month (no discount), Quarterly (5% Discount), Semi-Annually (10% Discount), Annually (15% Discount), Cancel Anytime. 

10. Unbiased Promotion: We Treat Every Advertiser Exactly The Same, No Favorites. All Advertising is On A First Come First Serve Basis. If You Are A Smaller Hunting Product Manufacturer - We Value You. If You Are A New Start Up Company Just Trying To Break Into The Market - We Value You. If You Are A Big Name Manufacturer That's Been Around For 50 Plus Years-We Value You. 


If You Have Interest In Advertising With Us, Email Us At:  [email protected] 

Provide Your Contact Information And The Best Time To Call.  We will respond to you in 24-48 hours.

Scroll down for ad pricing information.


Our Hunting Products Marketing Trend Assessment

For 2017

 Our Marketing Quick Review:  The internet marketplace continues to grow and has literally become "the" place to buy hunting products and services. In the wake of this progressing trend, major brick and mortar retailers are succumbing to the impact of the new digital marketplace, as are many time-honored magazines, traditional places where advertising was considered fruitful. For an advertiser having to deal with all the new dynamics its a brave new world, and keeping up with market share has just got a lot more complicated. This is especially true when you're faced with putting together an advertising campaign directed at marketing hunting goods and/or services to a demographic that has traditionally been made up primarily of a middle-aged, working class guy in camouflage. But times they are a changin and the demographics are shifting. More and more women are entering the marketplace (a good thing), and that traditional, middle-aged, working class guy in camo is now sporting the latest, technologically advanced smartphone, tablet, or lap top.

hunter-on-computer.jpgAs a natural consequence of this digital market boom the internet has become saturated with more and more potential places to advertise. With lots of new hunting websites and forums popping up all over the cyber landscape it is becoming harder and harder to figure out where to spend those all important advertising dollars and get the most bang for your buck. This is especially true if you are a producer of a specific hunting product, line of products, or service because most advertising mediums in the hunting world can be fairly general and cover a broad audience of the hunting community - from the hard core, live and breathe, solo elk hunter, to the once a year, low spending, family outing hunter. In other words, your advertising efforts can often get mixed results because your audience has a mixed interest level. What this means to you as an advertiser is a good portion of the people you are advertising to are not necessarily in the market for the product you are advertising. Unfortunately, you are potentially throwing a large percentage of your advertising budget at too many passive consumers.

Wouldn't it be nice as an advertiser of hunting products to be able to advertise specifically to individual hunters who are actively in the process of searching for exactly the product or products you sell?


Maximize Your Message To Your Target Market - Minimize The Market Periphery

At USHuntGear we have a very unique and precise approach of advertising to the hunting consumer that allows you, the advertiser, to narrow your advertising efforts to only those consumers who are actually searching for the exact product or products you sell. We call it "Zeroing In", and much like zeroing in a good hunting rifle if you want to hit your target come hunting season, you have to work towards tightening your groups dead center and minimize your hits on the periphery. This is exactly what USHuntGear's advertising "Zeroing In" is all about. If you are not wasting your advertising time and dollars on uninterested, passive, web surfers, but instead have focused your aim at those hunters who really do want to hear about what you have for them because they are truly in the market to buy what you are selling, well, isn't this the best of both worlds, for you the advertiser and the potential hunting buyer?

This is the marketing bridge we create. 

First and foremost, it starts with our philosophy. We consider the hunter "the" priority. We want to get the exact right piece of hunting equipment in front of that individual hunter who really needs it so they can enjoy success on their next hunt. This is very important to us, this is our mission, and it is the bedrock of our business model.

Number two, we only want to spotlight hunting producers who are truly producing top quality hunting equipment, no matter the price range. This is why we put such a high emphasis on informational rating, reviewing, and scoring. And not just a few items like you find on a lot of mediocre affiliate websites, but from a real-world sampling of hunt gear from across the entire hunting product spectrum.

Third, we believe ultimately that this is a win-win scenario: the hunting consumer getting the right equipment to bring about their hunting success; the hunting gear producer getting the right consumer who is in the market to buy that specific type of product. The problem is most hunting consumers on the internet are swamped with too many product choices and no real way of really tangibly discerning what they really need for their particular hunting circumstance. 

Let Us Help You "Zero In" Your Advertising

This is where USHuntGear comes in. We bridge the gap and make it possible for the hunter looking for a precise piece of hunting gear to get together with the quality producer that has precisely what they are looking for.

This is why we don't generalize our market place - we zero it in for you, the advertiser, and for the hunting consumer. In fact, we don't advertise at all on our general homepage. We only sell advertising space on specific hunting product category pages to a specific product oriented consumer (with the exception of our Main Category Page which is for reinforcing ultimate top tier brand status). 

To put this idea in perspective, if you are a "rifle scope manufacturer" it doesn't make much sense advertising to a guy only interested in ATV tires. Sure, you might get some brand name recognition, but wouldn't it make much more sense to advertise to "Hunters" searching for "Rifle Scopes"? This is where USHuntGear can make a difference. Let us help you "zero in" your advertising, as we help our fellow hunters get exactly what it is they need: The Right Gear At The Right Price



Email Us At: [email protected]



Our Advertising Prices

Landing Page By General Categoryadvertising-placement-landing-page-w-border.jpg

(examples would be "Hunting/Scouting Optics",  "Bowhunting", or "Outdoor Clothing")

In order for visitors to view our best rated hunting gear, the ratings, reviews, and scoring, they must go through our general category landing pages. These pages direct and link our viewers to the specific hunting gear they are looking for in that general category. These Landing Pages are ideal for the more broad advertiser of a type of product (ie, scope manufacturer; clothing brand; etc.) that wants to emphasis a brand or line; or maybe a new advertiser trying to establish a less recognized brand. 

Top Of Page Only - $125 Per Month For 300X250






Specific Gear Category Product Pagesadvertising-placement-product-page-w-border.jpg

(examples would be "Spotting Scopes", "Broadheads", or "Hunting Pants")

These pages are where the action is. Hunting viewers are browsing and making up their minds on what piece of equipment to potentially buy as they have a chance to quality compare products. If you sell products in this specific category this is a great way to reinforce to the viewer that your brand is the one that can work for them 

Top Of Page Is $65 For 300x250

Bottom Of Page Is $50 For 300x250 

Continued Specific Gear Category Product Pages

Even though there may be a little less viewing than the first page, the continued pages (2nd, 3rd, 4th page) are where your serious buyers are ending up because they want all the info and selection before they purchase. In other words, these pages have a great way of qualifying out casual browser versus a real potential buyer.

Top Of Page Is $50 For 300x250

Bottom Of Page Is $40 For 300x250


Apex Hunter Premium Landing Pageadvertising-placement-apex-hunter-page-w-border.jpg

This is a very unique advertising page that embodies the very best elite hunting gear. Just like on our general category landing page, the Apex Hunter landing page directs the hunting viewer where to go and has all the links to all the game animal specific product pages. As an advertiser, this would be the page for you if you want to create a sense of high esteem and credibility around your product line.

Top Of Page Is $400 For 300x250

Bottom Of Page Is $250 For 300x250









Apex Hunter Game Animal Specific Prestige Pagesadvertising-placement-apex-hunter-game-page-w-border.jpg

(example would be "The Apex Whitetail Hunter" page and continued pages)

These are high interest pages as hunting viewers go through all the very best rated hunting gear for each species of game animal. For many hunting viewers this is their dream gear list. The more serious hunters tend to gravitate toward these pages. An advertiser on these Apex Hunter pages has an excellent opportunity of really making their case for their particular product as being the very best in their class. It is also an excellent place for any accessory products that compliment any of the top of the line hunting gear being presented as having "Apex Hunter" quality.

Top Of Page Is $100 For 300X250

Bottom Of Page Is $75 For A 300X250

Guide/Outfitter Or Hunting Service 1st Spot Is $50 Per Month; Guide/Outfitter Or Hunting Service 2nd Spot Is $40 Per Month





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