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 Exterior Protection To Stay Out In It  That new camo jacket with all the latest features might look really cool hanging on the clothing rack, but can it perform well when it matters the most? How about when the weather is much more severe than you find in a retail store with central heat and air set at 70 degrees? 

The difference between hunting success and failure often comes down to how much time you can stay out in it, no matter the conditions. Some of the best hunting occurs on the nastiest days, and the right exterior gear should let you get out into the thick of it. On the flip side, inferior clothing that makes you too cold and wet ,or too hot and sweaty, usually means less time on the hunt and more time indoors.

At USHuntGear we are aware of how important it is to be comfortable in the field. No matter how tough the individual, an uncomfortable hunter is a hunter that will concentrate less, and this just won't do when you're after the big one. Exterior protection needs the right kind of thermal qualities: warm in the coldest weather, cool enough in the heat and humidity. These are the non-negotiable essentials to keep a hunter on task and on track.

And it doesn't just end with making sure your comfortable. When it comes time to hunt, durability on the trail is a must. Let's face it, usually the best hunting is found in the most hard to get places. Clothes that can't handle off the beaten path stress and abuse won't last too long. This is why we also rate and score our clothing for real-world durability in the field.

Bottom-line, the right clothing is just as important as the right gun or bow, and if you are serious about your hunting you will want what works. At USHuntGear we give you the right outdoor clothing information and options so you get exactly the right exterior gear you need.

















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