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Daypacks, Back Packs, Sleeping Bags

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Hunting Daypacks    Flashlights/Headlamps

Communication Gear    GPS

Coming Soon: Hunting Backpacks; Tents; Sleeping Bags

 Having What You Need  Hunting packs and pack gear become a priority if you are going to take your hunting to where the game is. There is just no way around it, as a serious hunter, having all the right gear right there with you becomes an essential ingredient for a successful hunt. This is especially true if you are the kind of hunter that's out in it for as many hours as you can get, no matter if its day or night. 

At USHuntGear we are hunt pack gear crazy. Nothing gets our blood going quite like outfitting a new pack with cutting-edge equipment, cinching the waistbelt, snugging the shoulder straps, and heading for the hills to scout out a new piece of hunting ground. With this kind of connection to our products, we personally make sure that the packs and pack equipment we rate are not just cheap foreign imports from a discount big box store. You need a hunt specific bag and gear - a hunt pack and gear with the ruggedness and durability that can handle all the trail cruising, brush busting, creek crossing, and rock hopping that's just a natural part of any good hunt.