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Women's Rain Gear    Women's Thermal Underwear

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 Coming Soon: Women's Hunting Boots  Women's Packs

 The Modern Huntress  Women have always been the ones who get it done. Whether it's in the workplace, being a mom, or taking on a challenge in the field, a go-to woman never questions "if" she can handle it, but "how soon" can she get to it.

Welcome to a new type of women's liberation: The modern huntress. It is where independence and confidence combine with tradition, love of family, and an appreciation of the God-given way of things - and the way you choose to express these time honored values often means doing so with a rifle, shotgun, or bow in hand. So when it is time to hunt nature's most wary quarry, for you it isn't a matter of your natural feminine qualities taking a backseat. On the contrary. You like being a woman. What it means is a chance to enhance those natural feminine qualities with a well honed set of natural field instincts. 

And when it comes to the kind of hunt gear you need, there can be no compromise. Durability, performance, value, and a sense of style are the bottom-line, no matter if we are talking buying a hunting jacket, or that new compound bow you've been pondering. USHuntGear understands that no compromise means just that - only the right gear will do for the right kind of woman. 





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