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Our goal at USHuntGear is to provide the manufacturer with unbias field testing data performed by "real world" consumer based independent Big Game Hunters, not paid bias professionals.  We call these consumer based hunters our USHuntGear Pro Field Staff.  They collect "Field Testing Data" that can be used to maximize marketing success and eliminate product failure.

Our USHuntGear Pro Field Staff are anxious to field test your gear/product rigorously and fairly.  Upon completion, USHuntGear will provide written Field Test Reports answering the following questions.  


    Questions That Will Be Answered





Note:  Questionnaire can be modified by customer to ask more specific gear questions.  Final Questionnaire Form will be mutually agreed upon prior to campaign execution.  

Gear Testing Campaign Pricing

Think about it.  You have spent much time, money and effort to create and develope your product.  From your perspective, its a winner!   Now, its time for market introduction.  Will consumers, distributors, and retailers buy it?  This is where USHuntGear can be of benefit to you.  We offer a service that will give you some concrete answers from seasoned passionate consumer based deer hunters.  Most who spend 90 to 180 days annually in the outdoors.  For $12,000.00 you get 200 guaranteed "Field Tested Reports" from the Top 12 Deer Hunted States that represent approximately eight (8) million annual US Licensed Deer Hunters.  Additionally, your gear will be rated with 1-5 Stars and Performance Scaling of 1-10 plus other gear insights.

        • Top 12 Deer Hunted States Campaign -  Guaranteed 200 Field Tested Reports @ $60 ea. = $12,000
        • Top 23 Deer Hunted States Campaign -  Guaranteed 400 Field Tested Reports @ $50 ea. = $20,000
        • All 50 US Deer Hunted States Campaign - Guaranteed 600 Field Tested Reports @ $40 ea. = $24,000
        • E-Mail Blast to USHuntGear Pro Field Staff - Guaranteed 1200 plus @ $0.80 ea. = $960

Campaign Pricing Notes: 

A.   50% with order, 50% when campaign is completed.  Final payment will be adjusted according to quantity of final test reports used to rate the gear.

B.  Top 23 Deer Hunted States represents approximately nine (9) million annual US Deer Hunters.  

Call or email for Quote:  ML Burleson Business Manager

Mobile 541.531.8112  Email: [email protected]


Guaranteed 400 FIELD TEST REPORTS  

1.  Customer agrees to supply USHuntGear with 600, freight prepaid, individually boxed hunting gear, ready to be field tested in the top 23 Deer Hunted US States.  These 23 states represents approximately nine (9) million annual licensed deer hunters in the USA.  Top 23 States in ranking sequence of annual deer hunters:  Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Tennesse, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, West Virginia, Indiania, Florida and Iowa. 

 2.  USHuntGear agrees to engage 600 USHuntGear Pro Field Staff to FIELD TEST THE SUPPLIED GEAR according to the USHuntGear Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form.

3.  USHuntGear agrees to supply a proposed Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form to the customer for approval prior to conducting field testing.  Final form content shall be mutually agreed upon by customer and USHuntGear before performing field tests. 

4.  USHuntGear agrees to supply a copy of all the completed test results forms to customer when field testing is complete and finalized.

5.  USHuntGear is guaranteeing the customer that this campaign will result in four hundred (400) completed field test reports at the conclusion of campaign.  If not, $50 per report will be deducted from the remaining amount due.  If more than 400 reports are completed, $50 per report will be added to the final amount due.  

6.  Customer agrees to pay a based price of $20,000 for this campaign plus all USHuntGear out-bound shipping cost.  USHuntGear will provide customer with out-bound shipping cost prior to contract signing. 

7.  Customer agrees to pay $10,000 (50%) when placing order plus all out-bound shipping cost to 600 USHuntGear Pro Field Staff.  The remaining $10,000 (50%), will be adjusted per total number of completed field test reports at $50 per report.  Customer will deduct $50 per report less than 400 reports and will add $50 per report over 400.  Final payment will be due and payable when the field test reports are ready to be sent to customer.   

8.  USHuntGear agrees to "Rate Gear" based on campaign total number of completed test reports.  

9.  USHuntGear will provide customer a "Certified Field Test Certificate" at the conclusion of the campaign as follows:



1.  Manuacturer & USHuntGear enters into a contract.  

2.  Manufacturer ships evaluation gear/product (individually boxed ready for shipment) to USHuntGear prepaid

3.  USHuntGear ships evaluation gear/product to be tested to each USHuntGear Pro Field Staff in all Top 23 US Deer Hunted States.

4.  USHuntGear Pro Field Staff Field Test Product and completes Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form.

5.  USHuntGear Pro Field Staff keeps the tested product. (See Note C below for exception) and sends completed field test report to headquarters.

6.  USHuntGear provides copies of completed Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form to manufacturerm after receipt of final payment.  


A. Please include any written materials about your gear or product with the actual item in paper printed form so we can take this information with us into the field. Any information you send is very helpful and can help us to better understand the performance points you would like to see highlighted.  We can always modify our Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form to better fit your specific criteria.

B. No company representative is allow to view the testing procedures.  The USHuntGear Pro Field Staff is in complete control of their testing.  They will rigorously and fairly test and evaluate your product.

C. We cannot return hunting gear or product(s) to you. The exception to this would be on any hunting gear valued at over $1000. In these instances we will need you to provide us with return shipping instructions and prepaid return freight documents, once our evaluation is complete. However, please be forewarned, we will put your hunting gear through some serious testing and the gear will probably come back to you in a much different condition than what you originally provided to us.


1.  You Get "Hands-On Unbias Trusted FeedBack" From Passionate Consumer Based Big Game Hunters.

2.  You Can Sell Your Gear/Product With "Earned Influence Credibility".

3.  You Get A "Certified Field Tested Certificate" Rating Your Gear/Product With 1-5 Stars & 1-10 Performance Scaling from 200, 400, or 600 Field Tested Reports.

4.  You May "Save Thousands Of Dollars" In Fixing Unexpected Gear/Product Field Malfunction Problems, ReCalls, Unsaleable Inventory, Premature Ad Campaigns, etc.

  Ship All Gear/Product To Be Evaluated To:

(Same Contact For Sales & Service)

ushg-ft-logo-2022-jpg.jpeg LLC

  82 San Marcos Drive

  Medford, OR 97504

  Attn:  ML Burleson, Business Manager

  Mobile: 541.531.8112

  Email: [email protected]






















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