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At USHuntGear we have one goal and one goal alone: to provide the hunting community with the absolute best, most accurate, unbiased ratings and reviews of today's best hunting gear and hunting products so real hunters can get exactly the equipment they need to be successful. One of the best ways we know how to do this is by evaluating a large variety of gear from all levels of manufacturers - from the smaller hunt gear producers to the mega, big name companies who have earned a good reputation with the hunting public.

With this in mind, we welcome the opportunity to take an honest look at any gear or product that will enhance the purchasing options of our fellow hunters.

And this can also be of great benefit to you the equipment and product producers. Having your company's hunting gear or hunting product evaluated, rated, reviewed, and scored by USHuntGear is a great way to get the word out about your newest and best hunting gear and get the hunter the right information so they can get the right gear. This is especially true if you are a smaller company that has produced a quality product and you are trying to get exposure in a hard-to-break-into hunting marketplace.

If you would like USHuntGear to evaluate, rate, review, and score any of your company's hunting gear or products please follow the enclosed guidelines:


1. Send all hunting gear or any hunting products to be evaluated to:

USHuntGear Evaluation Ranch

C/O Todd

1308 N. Stockton Hill Road #A247

Kingman, AZ 86401

Much of our testing and evaluation happens during actual scouting or hunting on a year round basis all across North America. However, we do certain parts of our evaluations on site at our home base. Our testing facility is literally 60 miles from nowhere, and there is purposely no business phone at the evaluation ranch so we can spend our time evaluating and rating. There is absolutely no public allowed at the evaluation facility at any time for proprietary reasons and to keep all of our testing and evaluations completely confidential. If for some reason any direct contact needs to take place, it will need to happen via email at:               

 2. In order to keep our evaluation process unbiased and forthright we do not allow any manufacturer or manufacturer's representative(s) to be present at any time before, during, or after the evaluation process. For us this is about credibility, and the credibility of honest evaluations and reviews to the hunting community.

3. On smaller items you may want to send multiple testing samples (examples would be flashlights, game lure, game calls, etc.). We will make sure these test samples get distributed and tested over various regions and conditions of the US and Canada.

4. Please include any written materials about your gear or product(s) with the actual item in paper printed form so we can take this information with us into the field. Any information you send is very helpful and can help us to better understand the performance points you would like to see highlighted.

5. We will rigorously and fairly test and evaluate your product(s).

6. If your hunting gear or hunting product(s) scores over 8.0 on our HuntGear Score rating system we will make sure to include your product(s) on our website. We will also make sure to highlight your product's superior features. There is no charge for our evaluation. There is also no charge for including your product on our website. This is a free service we do for the hunting community and it is a great way to advertise your hunting gear or product(s) for free to over 2 million active hunters per month.

7. We cannot return hunting gear or product(s) to you. The exception to this would be on any hunting gear valued at over $1000. In these instances we will need you to provide us with return shipping instructions and prepaid return freight documents, once our evaluation is complete. However, please be forewarned, we will put your hunting gear through some serious testing and the gear will probably come back to you in a much different condition than what you originally provided to us.






















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