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We Need More Field Hunting Gear Evaluators

At USHuntGear we are continually looking to up the quality of our rating, reviews, and scoring on the best rated hunting gear available. Although we do a thorough job at the present time putting together data on hunting gear, we want more input from all across the various hunting regions of North America. For instance, testing something like a top brand name deer lure has the potential to score differently depending the area it is used. That deer lure may only perform mediocre in Southeastern Whitetail country; but that same deer lure may knock em dead in the Upper Midwest Whitetail country. We want all the information we can get to give a fair rating to the hunting gear we put on our website, and also to queue in our hunting customers as to what really works and where.

So, we would like some of you to join us in evaluating all types of hunting gear and products out in the field - from deer lure to trail cams to hunting optics, any and everything we rate on our website. These are non-paid volunteer evaluator positions. Later on, depending on the need, we will be potentially drawing from our pool of gear evaluators for some possible paid opportunities in the  future.

What We Are looking For

USHuntGear believes that unless it is the real everyday hunters who are providing the information about hunting products being offered to the hunting community, the information we are getting may or may not be useful. Sure, some of the big name hunting companies can hire the big name pro hunters to tell us what we need to buy. And, yes, some of that information is very good. But that process can often be less than real-world. In other words, just because a piece of hunting equipment or product looks like it works well on a high dollar, private hunting ranch with super game populations under pristine blue-sky conditions does not mean it necessarily is going to stand up to the conditions where you hunt. Whether we're talking optic-killing rain country like the Pacific Northwest; the jacket-chilling cold country of the upper Midwest; the boot-cracked dry of the desert and mountain West; to the warm, humid, wet game scent eliminating Southern U.S., real hunting takes on all forms and is often much different when you are busting tail on a grueling two week public land hunt versus the tidy, textbook versions of hunting we get from the outdoor cable channels.


Thus, it is very important for us to have you, the real hunters, get the real deal on how stuff works in your neck of the woods. So we are looking for individuals who spend a lot of time out in the field hunting in real conditions for measureable amounts of the entire hunting season. You do not need to be an expert to evaluate for us, just a dedicated hunter, someone that can help us give honest hunting gear evaluations for fellow hunters.

We will provide our evaluators with a piece of gear or hunting product we want tested in your area, you buy nothing. This item will come via the mail at our expense. At that time we will send along information for you to read providing you with the testing parameters. We ask that you do not exceed these parameters. We want very defined data.

You will also be asked to keep all your testing data on a form we will provide you. Testing can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the product.

You will need some type of quality digital camera for taking pictures so you can upload pictures. When the testing is completed you will need to mail us your written testing data form and email us your testing pictures.

Normally at first, we start you out with something small to evaluate, like a flashlight, a pair of gloves, a bottle of game attractant, maybe a game call. We have you do your evaluation. Once we get your evaluation back, we will see how you do, and then go from there.

You will Be An Official Member Of The USHuntGear Pro Gear Staff Family

We wish we could have everybody participate in our gear evaluating program, but this is just not realistic.  For those of you with the right kind of experience we are looking for who are not initially chosen, we will put you on a waiting list.  As our evaluator team grows, we will contact you as positions open up.


Who We Are Looking For

At USHuntGear we are interested in three categories of USHuntGear Pro Field Staff Evaluators:

Experienced Male Hunters

Experienced Female Hunters

Older Youth Actively Learning How To Hunt (ages 17-19)


Are You Interested?

If you are interested please fill out and submit the form below. We will get back to you if you are chosen to be an official gear evaluator, or selected to be on our gear evaluator waiting list. Please be patient with us in getting back to you. Our current Pro Staff does all the reviewing of submissions, and most of the time they are very busy rating hunting gear.

None Of The Information You Provide Us Is Given To Any Outside Party Other Than USHuntGear Staff - We Protect Your Privacy.

We do use your email address to send all our USHuntGear Pro Staff information regarding new and innovative gear as an Email Blast and your physical address to send USHuntGear Pro Staff gear to be evaluated.

Please Answer Accurately. And Just A Heads Up: Part Of Our Assessment Of You As A Potential Evaluator Will Be Based On How Precise You Follow Written Instructions (an absolute necessity when putting together accurate gear evaluations)


Sample USHuntGear Pro Field Staff Evaluator Application Form Fill Out


Name: John Smith

Address: 1212 E. Oak Haven, Small Town, GA 99999


Email: [email protected]


Occupation: Carpenter, Framer

Weapons Used During Your Hunting (ex, rifle, bow, muzzleloader, etc.): Rifle, Bow, Crossbow

Big Game Species You Hunt: Whitetail, Wild Boar, Elk, Mule Deer

Other Game Species You Hunt: Waterfowl, Predators

Areas You Primarily Hunt In (Regions And States): The Southeast, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky; Western States, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming 

Total Years Of Experience Hunting: 33

The Two Game Animal You Have The Most Expertise In Hunting: Whitetails, Elk

3 Exceptional Reasons Why You Would be A Great Gear Evaluator For USHuntGear (short, concise answers please): I spend every chance I can get in the woods and have taken 4 Whitetail bucks over 180+ B&C. I also hunt elk twice a year in Colorado and New Mexico and usually take at least 1 good bull a year. In my recent past I have also had the opportunity to work on the weekends at our local sporting goods shop at the gun counter and have a working knowledge of much of the hunting gear that is out there.

The Name Of Someone Professional We Can Contact By Phone To Verify This Information (ex, Employer, Clergy, Business Owner, Etc.): Chuck Howards, Owner Chuck's Gun Den

Their Phone Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX


To Apply To Become A USHuntGear Pro Field Staff Evaluator

Click Here To Fill Out Application Form 

 We Look Forward To Getting Your Application - ML Burleson, Senior Pro Staff & Founder

Mobile: 541.531.8112  Email: [email protected]






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