Top 23 Deer Hunted States Campaign - 400 Guaranteed Field Tested Reports (9 Million Deer Tags)

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Top 23 Deer Hunted  States Campaign - 400 Guaranteed Field Tested Reports (9 Million Deer Tags)


$20,000 ($50 Per Field Test Report)


1.  Customer agrees to supply USHuntGear with 600, freight prepaid, individually boxed hunting gear, ready to be field tested in the Top 23 Whitetail Hunted States.  These 23 states represents approximately nine million (9,000,000) annual licensed deer hunters in the following states: Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Tennesse, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Alabama, Missouri. Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, West Virginia, Indiana, Florida and Iowa. 

2.  USHuntGear agrees to engage 600 Pro Field Staff to FIELD TEST THE SUPPLIED GEAR according to the USHuntGear Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form.

3.  USHuntGear agrees to supply a proposed Product Evaluation Questionnaire Form to the customer for approval prior to conducting the field testing.  Final form content shall be mutually agreed upon by customer and USHuntGear before performing field test.

4.  USHuntGear agrees to supply a copy of all the completed test results forms to customer when field testing is complete and finalized.

5.  USHuntGear is guaranteeing the customer that this campaign will result in four hundred (400) completed field test reports at the conclusion of campaign.  If not, $50 per report will be deducted from the remaining amount due.  If more than 400 reports are completed, $50 per report will be added to the final amount due. 

6.  Customer agrees to pay a based price of $20,000 for this campaign plus all USHuntGear out-bound shipping cost.  USHuntGear will provide customer with out-bound shipping cost prior to contract signing.

7.  Customer agrees to pay $10,000 (50%) when placing order plus all out-bound shipping cost to 600 USHuntGear Pro Field Staff.  The remaining $10,000 (50%), will be adjusted per total number of completed field test reports at $50 per report.  Customer will deduct $50 per report less than 400 reports and will add $50 per report over 400.  Final payment will be due and payable when the field test reports are ready to be sent to customer.   

8.  USHuntGear agrees to "Rate Gear" based on campaign total test reports. 

9.  USHuntGear will provide customer a "Certified Field Test Certificate" at the conclusion of the campaign.  This certificate will display earned Star Rating of 1-5 and Performance Rating of 1-10.  It includes a statement, "Certified Gear Earned "Ratings" displayed on this certificate can be used for promotional purposes using "USHuntGear Field Tested" Logo without additional charge, for the life of this product, provided there are no changes to the gear tested.  If so, gear must be retested.

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